Which Challenge Do I Take?

The Trial Challenge is FREE. Take this Demo test (with 4 attempts) to familiarize yourself with the system after registration.

A FREE Challenge (with 1 attempt) may be available to contestants for some sponsored exams/challenges.

Some Contests require a token participation fee and has varying number of attempts for various categories.

Choosing a contestant's best performance from many attempts actually eliminates the effect of arbitrariness and enables one to truly prove his or her mettle. Each Challenge randomly draw questions from subject pools per category. Be assured, the questions are not unsolvable; you are only required to reason intelligently and relatively quickly. If you are prepared, stand out of the pack and become the best among your peers. You will succeed by trying, perhaps going the extra mile in order to excel. There is therefore no excuse for an eligible person not to participate.

Available Contests
Periodically, we offer several scholarly Exams as listed below.

Showing available challenges per category for contest 2

Govt (MDAs), Philanthropists, Employers, Companies, Foundations, etc.As given by a sponsor e.g. "Lainos Recruitment Exam" or "Lainos Scholarships"As determined by the sponsor. A candidate will be able to view and may participate in ONLY those contests for which s/he automatically meets the pre-set eligibility conditions.As desired by the sponsor.01As specified by sponsor.Depends on sponsor.Test Fee will usually be between N500 and N2000. It may even be free or based on Password or AccessCodes given out by a sponsor. The Number of Attempts too may be higher if sponsor wishes.