Andrews Challenge is the No. 1 Aptitude-Testing Website for short-listing on merit. Our system facilitates seamless setup of multiple criteria to auto-screen massive pool of candidates such that only eligible ones would be able to take a customized online exam. On our portal, the smart and swift stands out.

We not only provide and promote scholarships but also facilitate great jobs, ensuring that befitting round pegs are placed in round holes!

Every student, applicant and worker seeking career advancement should register on our portal immediately as well as those organizations that seek the best workforce for optimal productivity and turnover.



For Schools, Scholarship Givers, Employers & Candidates
1. Read current instructions on all pages E.g. Under DETAILS Menu: Who -tells you if you are eligible, How -the rules, Which -available Tests and Prizes, Where -the payment options, Why - video documentaries on step-by-step procedure, winners testimonies, etc.
2. Thereafter, Click the "GET STARTED" button on the Home page. Read the Terms of Service. If you accept, Click "Proceed to the Challenge" button. Register your basic data.
3. Check your e-mail and Click the link sent to you to CONFIRM your registration. If it doesn't work Copy into your browser addressbar and press Enter
4. Login with your chosen Username & Password. Click "Administration" to submit your digital photo / update profile.
5. Take the Trial Challenge if you are a new member. Check HighScores and revise with Report Manager.
6. On the portal, a candidate may set his or her Job Preferences while a Client may sponsor a Contest or Exam.
7. Always Sign-in and Sign-out for every session.