Welcome to the Andrews Challenge Test Portal. You hereby attest that you are registering as a [mature individual/incorporated firm] or otherwise has [parental consent/company approval] to participate as a [contestant/client]. Please supply truthful data for these may be verified before you are awarded any benefits. False or inaccurate information shall lead to forfeiture or revocation of [prizes/contract]. By filling in your information and clicking Register, you certify that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this site and the Andrews Challenge program. For Nigerians, your state is either FCT or one of the 36 federating units, Click Here to see your Local Govt Area of Origin CODE NUMBER (opened in a new browser window). Foreigners should enter 0 for LGA Code Number. Register once and check your email to activate membership. (Candidates who create and activate multiple accounts will forfeit site benefits and contest prizes.) After confirming your registration, you will be able to upload a passport photo and specify your job preference settings.
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